September 2017

CharlottesvilleAfricana Studies, The Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies, SJICR
Date/Time: Sep. 12, 6:30pm
Place: Boyd Hall, Wilson


Kung Fu PandaPhilosophy & Religion Studies
Daoism, “Kungfu Panda,” and Philosophy of Life
Date/Time: April 17, 3:30PM
Place: Bozorth Hall Auditorium



MexicoInternational Studies - Rowan in the World
Mexico Today: Dollars, Drugs, and Democracy
Date/Time: April 17, 6:30PM
Place: Robinson Hall, 212


The Law & Justice Studies Department
Mock Law School Class
Date/Time: April 6, 11am
Place: Campbell Library, 126

Sociology & Anthropology Department
“The Emu in the Sky, The Southern Cross & The Crux of the Matter: Constellations, Flags, Nationalism & Identity in Australia.  Can the night sky be colonized?”
 April 14, 4pm
Place: Robinson Hall, 205

Prof. Gianna Farrell, Cultural Anthropologist, will present this lecture. The Lecture is Sponsored by CHSS,  the Museum of Anthropology at Rowan University-MARU, and the Sociology-Anthropology Department.

Sociology & Anthropology Department
“The Red and the Black” Predynastic Egyptian Religious Practice: A Case Study in Early Mummification?”
 April 28, 4pm
Place: Robinson Hall, 205

Dr. Jane Hill, Archaeologist/Egyptologist,  will present this lecture. The Lecture is Sponsored by CHSS, the Museum of Anthropology at Rowan University-MARU and the Sociology-Anthropology Department.


Operation Pied PiperThe English and International Studies Departments
Operation Pied Piper
Date/Time: March 30, 5pm
Place: Robinson 324

Six_Day_WarThe History Department
Reflections on the 50th Anniversary of the Six Day War
Date/Time: March 29, 11am
Place: Chamberlain Student Center 221 A-B 

Open Mic NightWomen's & Gender Studies
Open Mic Night
Date/Time: March 22, 9pm
Place: Student Center Pit


ReturnHomeRowan Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies
Return Home
Date/Time: March 22, 9pm
Place: Rowan Hall Auditorium


Russia Confronts the worldHistory
Russia Confronts the World: What Does it Mean for us?
Date/Time: March 22, 11am
Place: Student Center 221


3Plus3Event.pdfThe Law & Justice Studies Department
3 + 3 Law School Opportunities
Date/Time: March 9, 2pm
Place: Rohrer Business Building, Room 104A

DeathPenaltyThe Law & Justice Studies Department
The Ultimate Punishment: Understanding the Implications of the Death Penalty in Today's Society
Date/Time: March 9, 12:30pm
Place: Chamberlain Student Center, Room 221

Theorizing at RowanThe Philosophy & Religion Department - Theorizing at Rowan
"'To Condemn Nothing and Profit from Everything Good:' Leibniz and the History of Philosophy." 
Date/Time: March 8, 5pm
Place: Bozorth, Room 118

Dean Ammar Colloquium FlyerThe Dean's Office
Research Colloquium: Policing Interpersonal Violence in Immagrant Countries, a Researcher's View
Date/Time: March 1, 12:30pm
Place: Wellness Center Seminar Room


Rosa Parks LuncheonThe History Department
Rosa Parks Luncheon
Date/Time: February 28, 11AM
Place: Eynon Ballroom, Student Center
A People UncountedRowan Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies
A People Uncounted: The Untold Story of the Roma
Film Screeing and Discussion
Date/Time: February 7, 6-9pm
Place: Robinson 306
SlyviaTheorizing @ Rowan
Sylvia Plath's Poetry and Medicine
Date/Time: February 8, 5pm
Place: Bozorth 118
Compassion vs. ViolenceSpiritual Diversity Group
Compassion vs. Violence
Date/Time: February 8, 12:30pm
Place: Robinson 214 (SJICR Conf. rm)
Research ColloquiumRowan Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies
Research Colloquium
Date/Time: February 8, 12:30pm
Place: Wellness Center, Seminar Room
Ethics ConferencePhilosophy and Religion
Ethics Conference
Call for Abstracts due: February 20
Date/Time: April 28, 11AM
Place: Eynon Ballroom, Student Center


Holocaust Vigil Rowan Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies
Holocaust Remembrance Day
Date/Time: January 26, 5pm
Place: Robinson Green