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Guided by our vision to Empower, Transform and Engage, we offer students an educational experience that will help them succeed in a rapidly-changing, globally interdependent world.

Our undergraduate and graduate programs provide disciplinary and interdisciplinary degree paths allowing students to tailor their education to a career path that both suits their interests and prepares them for continually evolving twenty-first century career paths. 

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History Professor Saves the Day

When a Russian airliner made an emergency landing at Atlantic City International Airport at 3:45 am on Jan. 31 due to engine problems and a fuel leak, 308 passengers and crew were stranded for more than 15 hours.

Student Authors Children's Book

Sociology senior Miranda Reid recently published a children's novel which celebrates self love, kindness, acceptance, and friendship. The novel brings attention to bullying and shines a light for children with disabilities. Miranda is a new author born in New Jersey.