About the College

About the College

About the College

We are one of the largest academic Colleges within Rowan University and, as the home of the majority of general education courses; we make contact with just about every student who graduates with a Rowan degree. Our College vision is summarized in three words: “Empower. Transform. Engage.” True to the liberal arts mission, we ask questions fundamental to our increasing complex existence through varied   programs of study, with many opportunities of experiential learning, and other co-curricular activities. We offer our students a form of education that encourages them to pursue vocations that are rooted in the desire to improve things and make their world a better place.

Rowan's College of Humanities & Social Sciences is the premiere college on campus.  Here are some "Fast Facts" about our college:

  • Second largest College in the University
  • World Class Faculty Members
  • Small classes taught by experts in their fields,  not graduate students
  • 7 Departments
  • 7 Interdisciplinary Programs
  • 18 undergraduate and graduate degrees
  • 21 Certificates of Undergraduate Studies (CUGS)
  • 3 Graduate Programs (one on-line)
  • Multiple paths to completing degrees
  • 3 Educational and Research Centers and Institutes
  • Numerous  Study Abroad Programs
  • Opportunities for Fellowships and Scholarships to study abroad and in the U.S.
  • Opportunities to engage in undergraduate research
  • Student participation in planning and developing co-curriculum activities at the College level

Our biggest secret is our faculty members who are excellent teachers and active researchers. They are committed to innovative pedagogy and their successes in their individual disciplines translate into unique and lively classroom experiences. Besides being serious academics, my colleagues in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences are also truly committed to your success.


Creating connections in teaching, research, and service to advance society.

The Mission

  • Empower students to create innovative academic pathways so that they may become successful and adaptable leaders and innovators with a lasting impact on society.
  • Faculty and students engage with local and global communities to conduct transformative research that mobilizes knowledge to benefit society.
  • Grow and develop mutually beneficial connections among students, faculty, and community partners to reimagine the future.

Our Academic Focus

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences has at this point developed three Clusters of Teaching and Research Excellence (CRTS). They are: 

  1. Global Peace and Security
  2. Critical Citizenship and Responsibility for a Changing World
  3. Ethical, Socio-Economic and Environmental Impact of Science and Technology.

There is a growing realization that degrees in Humanities and Social Sciences with futuristic curriculum have great value for our 21st century society. Rowan University’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences provides you with just this carefully crafted curriculum and co-curriculur. 

What to do with a Humanities or Social Sciences Degree

A 2017 Harvard Business Review article by Olejarz notes that, “people are beginning to realize that to effectively tackle today’s biggest social and technological challenges, we need to think critically about their human context—something humanities and social science graduates happen to be well trained to do.” 

In his 2017 book,The Fuzzy and the Techie: Why the Liberal Arts Will Rule the Digital World,  venture capitalist Scott Hartley contends that the future of advanced technological breakthroughs will come from college graduates who majored in the social sciences and humanities (the Fuzzies) as opposed to the more hardcore science concentrators (the Techies). Hartley argues (says Olejarz) that in addition to Techies, we also need people who grasp the whys and hows of human behavior. Hartley mentions a number of CEOs with liberal arts degrees who head Technie companies. These include: Stewart Butterfield, Slack, philosophy; Jack Ma, Alibaba, English; Susan Wojcicki, YouTube, history and literature; Brian Chesky, Airbnb, fine arts.

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