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About Philosophy & Religion Studies

The Department of Philosophy and Religion Studies is located on the 3rd floor of Bunce Hall. (856-256-4075)

The Department provides a 30 s.h. major in Philosophy and Religion Studies, a minor in Philosophy, a minor in Philosophy and Religion Studies, a minor in Ethics, and 12 s.h. Certificates of Undergraduate Study (CUGS) in Philosophy, Religion Studies, Asian Philosophy and Religion, and Ethics. 

Philosophy and Religion Studies majors excel on all the graduate school admissions tests: GRE, LSAT, GMAT, and MCAT.  Our major is especially well suited for those interested in law, government, public policy, publishing, journalism, business management, advertising, environmental advocacy, science policy, health care management, and social work. 

Our alumni are currently working in law, educational leadership, Homeland Security, university teaching, business management, public policy, university administration, and many other fields.  

We are leaders in Ethics, Philosophy of Science, and Interreligious Dialogue.  We offer courses in Biomedical Ethics, Philosophy and Gender, Social and Political Philosophy, Buddhism, Environmental Ethics, Business Ethics, Religion in America, Philosophy of Mind and many other interesting courses.  


The Department of Philosophy and Religion Studies is pleased to announce the this term’s next Theorizing at Rowan lecture.
On Wednesday, March 7, at 5 pm, in Robinson 224, John E. Drabinski (Black Studies, Amherst College) will present a talk entitled “Race and Conservatism; Or, Decolonizing the Curriculum” 
Prof. Drabinski has provided us with the following abstract of his talk: “Are colleges and universities really bastions of radical thought? Or are they deeply conservative, even in their alleged radicalism? This talk explores how taking race and racism seriously impacts our perception of the politics of the professoriate and higher ed curriculum. In particular, this talk will claim that the so-called radicalism of most curricula is actually deeply racialized and, if we take race to be a foundational issue for political thinking, that racialization is profoundly conservative and often unexpectedly committed to white supremacy.”
Theorizing at Rowan is a series of work in progress lectures covering a range of topics of relevance to scholars in philosophy, religion studies, and other related disciplines. The goal of the series is to promote scholarly exchange involving the Department of Philosophy and Religion Studies, the university, and interested scholars throughout the region. Speakers will include members of the department, faculty from elsewhere at Rowan and from other institutions.
All Theorizing at Rowan events are free and open to the public.
This event is co-sponsored by the Africana Studies Program, the American Studies Program, and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.


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Faculty Publications

Dr. Matthew Lund, N.R. Hanson: Observation, Discovery, and Scientific Change, Humanity Books (Prometheus), January 2010

Dr. David Clowney and Dr. Patricia Mosto, Earthcare: An Anthology in Environmental Ethics, (Rowman & Littlefield), November 2009

Dr. Ellen Miller, Releasing Philosophy, Thinking Art: A Phenomenological Study of Sylvia Plath's Poetry, Davies Group Publishers, March 2009

cover of Dianne's book

Hannukkah in America by Dr. Dianne Ashton, NYU Press, 2013

Dr. Youru Wang, editor,Deconstruction and the Ethical in Asian Thought, Routledge, 2007

Dr. Youru Wang, Linguistic Strategies in Daoist Zhuangzi and Chan Buddhism: the Other Way of Speaking, Routledge, 2003.

chan buddhism

Dr. Youru Wang's new book on Chan Buddhism is arriving soon!