College of Humanities & Social Sciences

College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Humanities & Social Sciences

Rowan's College of Humanities & Social Sciences is the premiere college on campus.  Here are some "Fast Facts" about our college:

  • 7 departments
  • 15 degree programs
  • 8 CUGS (Certificates of Graduate Study)
  • World-class faculty team
  • The most graduates every year of any college
  • and much more!

2017 Annual Report

Check out our latest Annual Report to see how the College of Humanities and Social Sciences continues to empower, transform and egage students and faculty alike.

Department Highlight

Looking back calls for reflection on what has happened in the first 10 years of SPSP and where we would like to go in the future. In this context, it is crucial to remember that there would be no SPSP without enthusiastic founders and committee members. To get more insight into how the society was formed and developed, the editors have invited the founders to tell the story of SPSP from their perspective.

Faculty Highlight

Dr. Kelly Duke Bryant wrote papers, gave presentations, and spoke at conferences this past semester and summer and has been honored in multiple publications.