Human Performance in Clinical Settings (BS)

Human Performance in Clinical Settings (BS)

Human Performance in Clinical Settings (BS)

Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Human Performance in Clinical Settings prepares students interested in careers related to the field of Exercise Science. These include: Corporate Fitness, Hospital Based Fitness and Wellness Centers, Community Based Fitness Centers, program development for Strength and Conditioning along with other Exercise Science related fields. Students develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to successfully promote improvements in health, fitness, and performance for a variety of populations.

Graduates will be prepared to earn national certifications through the American College of Sports Medicine, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the International Society of Sports Nutrition and many others. Many of the courses completed in this program are common prerequisite courses for those individuals looking to apply for graduate programs in physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant programs, cardiac rehabilitation, and other allied health professions. These courses provide a good knowledge base for these graduate programs

Internships, research and professional development experiences will be part of this academic program, building both skills and a professional network for students. Individual mentoring of students by our faculty, who are leaders in professional organizations, will open new opportunities for students to secure graduate assistantships, leadership opportunities and research opportunities.

Name & Email
Gregory Biren, PhD, CEP, CSCS
HPCS Program Coordinator
Associate Professor
(856) 256-4500 x 53728
Edward Chaloupka, PhD, PT, FACSM
(856) 256-4500 x 53705
Assistant Professor
(856) 256-4500 x 64795
Academic Advisor
(856) 256-4224
What kinds of careers are available in HPCS?

Corporations offer fitness and wellness programs to their employees to reduce health risks and improve productivity. Their programs are staffed with college-prepared professionals who develop and manage programs and provide exercise prescription, education, and counseling to clients.

Clinical settings, such as those in cardiovascular or pulmonary rehabilitation, utilize fitness professionals to work with patients as they recover from illness or injury. Professionals educate, train and monitor individual clients in a medical setting.

Strength and Conditioning Specialist, is an exercise professional who works with a variety of populations to enhance performance through thorough fitness and functional movement assessments and individualized exercise prescription. In addition to enhancing performance, they assess biomechanical dysfunctions and use corrective exercises to reduce the risk of injury.

Community settings, such as the YMCA, offer a wide range of fitness, wellness, and recreation programs and require a variety of professional skills. Programs and services may target children, teens, senior citizens and other special populations. As non-profit organizations, their goal is to improve the health and well-being of members of their identified community.

Program Guide: Click "Program Guide to view the course sequencing for the program

The mission of this program is to provide students with the knowledge, skills, experience, and dispositions necessary to enter professions in the field of exercise science. Graduates will be well prepared to assess risk factors and movement patterns, perform fitness testing, and develop individualized exercise prescription for a variety of populations.

Skill Development Includes
Students will develop the ability to interpret electrocardiograms and analyze electromyography recordings. They will perform fitness assessments including: maximal oxygen consumption tests, body composition analysis, mobility and cognition assessments, postural, gait, and functional movement analysis using state of the art equipment. With all components of the program, students will develop effective verbal and written communication skills.

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