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Our department offers a variety of outstanding programs that integrate theory and practice, blending both academic and applied facets of geography, environment, planning, and geospatial technologies. The department also houses a number of minors and certificates of undergraduate study in additional focus areas. All of our programs integrate with one another to allow each student to customize their educational pathway to their own paticular interests and carreer goals.

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Geography BA, Major Minor
Environmental & Sustainability Studies BA, Major Minor
GIS BS, Major Minor
Community & Environmental Planning BS, Major Minor

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Bachelor of Arts in Geography

The field of geography is one of the most exciting and dynamic disciplines at Rowan University. Far more than memorizing capital cities and place names on a map, geography is an engaging field that has a wide diversity of specializations. The common themes that unite all geographers are the scientific exploration of the earth and spatial analysis. One branch of geography focuses on people (human geography) and the other branch focuses on the environment (physical geography). There are multiple sub-disciplines within the field that cover everything from geology and climatology to demography and planning.

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Bachelor of Arts in Environmental & Sustainability Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Environmental & Sustainability Studies is truly an interdisciplanary program drawing from several departments. The cirriculum centers on a set of courses designed to emphasize the multifaceted nature of environmental problems. Through this approach, students learn to apply basic scientific and sociological concepts and research methodologies to environmental issues of regional, national, and global importance.

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Bachelor of Science in Geographic Information Science (GIS)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has become one of the hottest areas of interest for students and a highly marketable skill. Often listed as a "recession-proof" job, GIS technicians, analysts and specialists find employment in planning and engineering firms, in state and local government, and in many non-profit and advocacy organizations. Spatial analysis allows us to explore complex data sets and see how many environmental factors can impact a place. Visualization tools that are a part of GIS software allow us to explore data in 3D and across time periods. GIS is the tool to explore our world.

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Bachelor of Science in Community & Environmental Planning

The Bachelor of Science in Community & Environmental Planning major is a professional degree program that prepares students for graduate school in planning as well as positions in local, state, and federal agencies, private companies, planning departments, engineering firms, and many others. The program introduces students to the diversity of the planning profession while providing an understanding of the broader purpose of planning and the opportunity to focus on practice and application through research and studio credits. The program at Rowan has a special focus on sustainable community design, land conservation, and the specific planning practices and challenges of the region.

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