About Rowan ME

About Rowan ME


Mechanical engineers design machines, devices, and methods to solve problems. They understand the dynamics of mechanical devices and know how to control their operation. Transportation vehicles, methods of energy conversion, control systems, environmental systems, manufacturing and biomedical systems are just a few examples of mechanical engineers' work.

For specific examples of projects that Rowan mechanical engineering students work on as they learn the science, skills, and art of engineering, please follow this link to the "Engineering Clinics" page. For a more in depth exploration of the range of activities that mechanical engineers perform, please visit the homepage of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Mechanical engineering course work has a solid core in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and the engineering sciences. Please follow this link to the Courses page to see our curriculum. Mechanical engineering is also computer oriented in that the computer is used extensively for problem solving and engineering design. At Rowan, we have extensive rapid-prototyping and manufacturing facilities for the realization of student designs. The motto of Rowan mechanical engineering is "Design, Build and Test," and every graduate from our program is proficient in all three aspects, making them extremely marketable to local and national industries, government agencies, and graduate schools.

For more information about our program, please contact the department chairperson (see the Faculty and Staff listing) either by e-mail or by telephone.