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Civil & Environmental engineers design and supervise the construction of large projects, from roads to buildings, to water treatment plants. Many civil engineers hold supervisory or administrative positions, from supervisor of a construction site to city engineer. Others may work in research and teaching. They can work for industries, design, build or consulting firms, and federal, state or local governments. See the Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook for information on the job outlook in Civil and Environmental Engineering. An 18% growth rate is projected!

Rowan Engineering helps our graduates find jobs through:

  • Internships that often lead to offers of full-time employment
  • Job fairs;
  • Our Careers & Internships website
  • Job postings on the bulletin board outside Room 106 and emails from the outreach coordinator
  • Connections made through our outreach office, professors or alumni
  • The Employer's page
Check out where Rowan CEE graduates have gotten jobs or gone to graduate schoolCheck out more links about Civil & Environmental Engineering jobs

Rowan CEE Graduates: Job and Graduate School Placement (since 2000)

Some of the companies that have hired our Alumni:

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