Civil & Environmental Engineering @ Rowan University

Civil & Environmental Engineering @ Rowan University

Graduate Studies

The Masters program accommodates both full and part time students. This results in a mix of students in each class who have a combination of industry practice and research interests. The diversity of the student body benefits both groups of students. The program has an excellent student to faculty ratio. Students can choose between a thesis track, and a coursework track. Students may also work on a project, which may be counted toward a coursework track degree. Most full time students work on funded research projects, leading to a thesis. Most part time students select the coursework track.

We offer programs in Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering. Our program allows many students to develop an interdisciplinary focus that is developed through their coursework and thesis topic. Graduate students can work with faculty with expertise in Transportation, Geotechnology, Structures, Water Resources and Environmental. Interdiciplinary areas include Mechanics and Materials, and Sustainability.

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Full time students are eligible for research assistantships, which are awarded competitively, based on funded projects. Assistantships usually cover a tuition scholarship and a stipend. For full consideration for a research assistant position, we recommend that your application is submitted by February 1st. Initial decisions on funding are typically made in April. However, additional offers are sometimes made later, as additional sources of funding are secured.

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