Transfer Students

Transfer Students

Transfer Student

Hello, Rowan Chemical Engineering usually accepts a small number of transfer students each year into our program. The following links should help you through this process. The normal transfer process may require that a student take 3 additional years at Rowan to graduate.

Rowan Engineering College Transfer Policy This page contains the official transfer requirements. Click on Engineering for a copy of the policy.

Rowan Course Equivalents These pages are useful to determine the Rowan equivalent courses.

5 year plan (2 years at alternate institution and 3 years at Rowan) [Excel Spreadsheet] [PDF]
This is the traditional plan that most transfer students have followed. The additional year may be caused when the prospective student is missing the 3 chemical engineering core courses required in the sophomore year at Rowan as well as essential math (Mathematics for Engineering Analysis), and other courses. Starting in the 2014-2015 academic year, there is a 4 year available program that will require 7 credits of Rowan summer courses prior to starting the third year of Rowan's ChE curriculum.

Course Equivalents: This page lists the course equivalents between Rowan and other New Jersey Institutions.

NJ Transfer Page: This page contains specific courses to help you plan your transfer to Rowan Chemical Engineering. You select the 2 year college that you will attend and then the university that you would like to transfer to after completing 2 years. Then select Engineering - Chemical Engineering - BS and you will see the suggested course at are recommended for you at your 2 year college program.