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Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering at Rowan was ranked as the 2nd best chemical engineering program at a university with a primary focus on undergraduate education in the 2011
"U.S.News & World Report's" America's Best Colleges

The Focus:
Applying chemistry, mathematics and natural sciences to develop, design and supervise processes for converting natural resources into useful products.

Areas of Study:
Chemical processes, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, polymer processing, specialty chemical manufacturing, food processing, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology.

Recent Student Projects:
BioFuels Production from Corn Stover, Pharmaceutical Production, Protein Separation Strategies, Precious Metal Recovery, Crystallization, Green Engineering in Pharmaceuticals and Specialty Chemical Production. Other student projects have focused on Refining, Supercritical Fluid Extraction, Diesel Emission Reduction Strategies, Modeling of Recoil Recompressive Failure in High Performance Polymers, Membrane Separations and Optimization of Food Processing.

Sample Career Fields:
Consumer products, inorganic and organic chemicals, polymers and advanced materials, pharmeceutical and biotechnology, air and waste management, agricultural products, petroleum refining, food and beverage processing.

Department Highlight:
Recent faculty awards include the George Westinghouse Award, Chester Carlson Award, Robert Quinn Award and Ray Fahien Award.


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