M.S. in CHE

M.S. in CHE

M.S. in Chemical Engineering

The Chemical Engineering Department at Rowan University offers a M.S. in Chemical Engineering. We offer two options: (1) thesis track and (2) course-only track. The thesis track prepares students for research-centric careers, while the course-only track emphasizes project management skills and industrially relevant research that prepares students and working engineers for successful careers in high-tech fields.

Features of the Program:

• State of the Art Facilities
• Part time and full time tracks
• Thesis and Non-thesis options
• Graduate Research funding opportunities
• Interaction with industrial partners and State and Federal Agencies
• Real-World engineering research projects and thesis

The admissions criteria are the same for both options, and each option requires the student to complete 30 semester hours of approved credits beyond the baccalaureate degree. Students with undergraduate degrees in a field other than Chemical Engineering may be requested to complete additional coursework or independent study in addition to the required graduate coursework. Typically, this includes the following core Chemical Engineering Courses:

MATH 01235: Math for Engineering Analysis I (or equivalent)
CHE 06202: Principles of Chemical Processes II (offered during the Summer and Spring semesters)
CHE 06309: Process Fluid Transport (offered in the Fall semester)
CHE 06316: Chemical Reaction Engineering (offered in the Spring semester)
CHE 06315: Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II (offered in the Spring semester)

Each student in the Graduate Program will be advised by the graduate program coordinator. The coordinator will establish the specific requirements for each student based on his/her academic background.

The MS program of study (30-credits) is available with the following options:

Thesis Option:

• 1 Approved Graduate Business Course: 3 Cr
• 1 Approved Graduate Math Course: 3 Cr
• 3-4 Approved ChE Graduate Electives:9-12 Cr
• 1-2 Approved Graduate Electives: 3-6 Cr
• MTS Thesis Research: 9 Cr
TOTAL: 30-Cr

Course-only Option:

• 1-Approved Graduate Business Course: 3-Cr
• 1-Approved Graduate Math Course: 3-Cr
• 6-Approved ChE Graduate Electives: 18-Cr
• 2-Approved Graduate Electives: 6-Cr
TOTAL: 30-Cr

The above 2 options show the recomended courses of the chemical engineering program. The selection of specific courses for the Thesis option must be approved of thestudent's assigned thesis advisor.


Graduate Student Financial Assistance

Financial assistance for fulltime graduate students is available in the form of tuition scholarships and stipends. The amount of financial aid available varies each semester. Applicants applying for funding should contact the chemical engineering graduate program coordinator.

Full time Students who are funded for graduate study with research assistantships are required to elect the Thesis Option. The typical timeline for completion of the graduate requirements for said students is 18 months.

International Students

Guidelines to help international students through the application process can be found at Rowan's International Student Services Website and the Graduate School. These links are given below: