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Valle Verde Water Access

Valle Verde Project

I have the pleasure of saying I have been involved with [Engineers Without Borders] for two years and the experiences I have gained I would not trade for the world. Connecting, sharing, working and interacting with our club members and our community in Valle Verde, Dominican Republic has been a gratifying and learning experience I am forever grateful for. I hope to make an impact with our community that will last a life time.

- Cindy Rubiano-Gomez

Current Int'l Project Lead

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Camden Irrigation


We are helping bring sustainable water delivery to the urban gardening movement in Camden.

- Carol Butler

Former President & Local Project Lead

Being a part of EWB has been a life changing experience. I've had the opportunity to work with a great group of people, who I now consider great friends. I was able to travel back to my home country, El Salvador, and give back to those in need.

As I moved up from Translator to Education Lead to Project Lead, I have learned skills that I will use in my own profession as a teacher. The ultimate blessing comes from being bilingual, which has opened so many opportunities for me. EWB has made me think of my own capabilities and what I will accomplish in the future!

- Katherine Orellana

Former Int'l Project Lead

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Intro to Engineering


Intro to engineering has inspired me to teach. Seeing the kids faces light up when completing a project and learning something new is its own reward and I look forward to each and every project with them. Seeing them work through tough design problems encourages me to keep learning every day and want to keep inspiring the younger generation to become engineers. This experience has given me the tools to improve myself but also give back to Rowan's surrounding community and I could not have asked for a better opportunity.

- Jasmine Naik

EWB Member

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