Center for Access, Success, and Equity (CASE)


Welcome to CASE

The CASE Center was created to support faculty, students and community members to develop initiatives that will address local and regional issues of access, success, and equity for students in P-20 institutions. Our focus is to “turn research into practice” and have a direct impact on the educational outcomes of students by completing extensive research, offering professional services, and engaging in policy creation and reform that impact the most persistent educational challenges, those that obstruct access, success, and equity in traditionally underserved communities.

Through grants, faculty-led research teams, and our Ph.D program, the center engages in knowledge production and dissemination of new understandings that impact access, success, and equity in education.

Professional Services
CASE brings research into practice, creating customized services for evaluation, professional learning, strategic planning, and technical assistance to education and community organizations, to achieve access, success, and equity for all participants.

Policy Engagement
Through engagement in research and professional services, CASE shapes educational policies at the local, state, and national level.

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On Thursday, March 1st the Rowan University community will celebrate its fourth annual RowanGIVES Day. RowanGIVES Day is a 24- hour event where the Rowan community comes together to celebrate philanthropy. Beginning at 12:00 a.m. through 11:59 p.m. EST, join me and the Rowan community as we give to the students, programs and projects of Rowan University, Cooper Medical School and the School of Osteopathic Medicine. The goal is for 1,250 donors to support Rowan. Please help us reach that goal. 

Please consider donating to the Center for Access, Success, and Equity (CASE)  this year in order to support CASE Outreach as well as the Ph.D. in Education Program. Each has its own donation page; we hope you will join us in giving to either (or both!) 

CASE Outreach which includes support of activities centered on culturally responsive researched-based practices through training, policy engagement, and professional development for Rowan faculty, staff, and students as well as community members and partners. 

Ph.D. in Education Program  supporting student scholarship and development of important research projects that further the field of education and help to create a comprehensive, competitive and affordable doctoral level program focused on intersectional and social justice oriented scholars/educators. 

Visit on March 1st and give any amount to CASE and/or Ph.D Programs Your support will significantly impact the life of a student.

Thank you!