Center for Access, Success, and Equity (CASE)


Welcome to CASE

The Center for Access, Success & Equity (CASE) was created to support faculty, students and community members in developing initiatives to address local and regional issues of access, success & equity for students in P-20 institutions. Our focus is to “turn research into practice” and thus have a direct impact on the educational outcomes of students by: conducting extensive research, offering professional services, and engaging in policy creation and reform, impacting the most persistent educational challenges - those which obstruct access, success and equity in traditionally underserved communities.

Through grants, faculty-led research teams, and our Ph.D program, the center engages in knowledge production and dissemination of new understandings that impact access, success, and equity in education.

Professional Services
CASE brings research into practice, creating customized services for evaluation, professional learning, strategic planning, and technical assistance to education and community organizations, to achieve access, success, and equity for all participants.

Policy Engagement
Through engagement in research and professional services, CASE shapes educational policies at the local, state, and national level.

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