Our Team

Our Team

Our Team

    Shelley Zion, PhD
    CASE-Executive Director
    Professor, Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Education
    James Hall 3111

    Dr. Zion's work is multi disciplinary, grounded in the social sciences, and specifically within sociology as it seeks to understand how institutions, social systems and individual experiences create and sustain systems of power and privilege that ensure access for some while excluding others. Her research is situatied within a framework of sociopolitical development, informed by a range of critical theoretical... more here

  Zeynep I. Ercan, Ph.D. 
    Liaison from Dean's Office    
    Associate Dean of Faculty and Student Affairs
    James Hall 2016

  Zeynep I. Ercan is an Associate Professor  Early Childhood Education and the Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Research at Rowan University College of Education. She also co-directs Early Childhood Leadership Institure, a professional development and research avenue in early childhood formed within Center for Access, Success, and Equity at Rowan University.... more here

    Maria Lanza-Gladney, M.S. Ed.
    CASE Program Manager
    James Hall 3108

  Mrs. Lanza-Gladney is the Program Manager for the Center for Access, Success, and Equity        (CASE) assisting with CASE activities as well as the PhD in Education program. She has been    with Rowan University and the College... more here


   Jennifer Murphy, M.A.
   CASE Program Developer 
   James Hall 3106
   856-256-4500 x3851

  Jenny Murphy is the Program Developer for the Center for Access, Success, and Equity (CASE).    She is currently assisting with the development of the CE Educator Preparation Program and    providing support to grant programs within the College of Education..... more here


                                               Carol Del Duke

                                               CASE Administrative Assistant
                                               James Hall 3107


CASE has a team of Graduate Research Assistants and Doctoral Fellows who support College of Education faculty and CASE research and projects.