ASPIRE to Teach at Rowan University (Alternate Route)

ASPIRE to Teach at Rowan University (Alternate Route)

Welcome to the ASPIRE to Teach at Rowan University Program!

Online Application:  Deadline for Fall 2017 Cohort is Friday, September 29th.  Applications submitted after September 29th will be considered for a January 2018 start, if minimum cohort number is reached.

We will continue to accept applications for the 50 Hour Component only.


ASPIRE to Teach at Rowan University is an online Certificate of Eligibility (CE) Educator Preparation Program formally known as alternate route.

  • ASPIRE is a two-year online program which offers a 50 Hour Pre-Professional Experience Component, a Two-Year Component and monthly PLC meetings.  
  • Our curriculum centers on Universal Design for Learning, CREDE’s Standards for Effective Pedagogy, High-Leverage Practices, and Relationship Driven Instruction.
  • ASPIRE Lead Instructors (ALI’s) work to help each teacher develop proficiency across the New Jersey Professional Standards for Teachers through online learning modules, video coaching, Professional Learning Community meetings (PLC’s) and individualized support.  

Pre-Professional Experience 50 Hour Component includes:

Starting Summer 2017, candidates will engage in the following actives:

  • 20 hours of online modules designed for planning lesson plans and classroom management.
  • 20 hours of clinical experience, including at least 10 hours of planning and delivering instruction via individual or co-teaching module. Clinical experience hours may vary per prior experience or if candidate has completed hours from another CE Educator Program.
  • 10 hours orientation includes: intro to Haiku/Edthena; assessment/survey; teacher manifesto; program overview, policies, and procedures. Orientation will be scheduled on an individual basis the week of August 14th and August 21st

NOTE:  Pursuant to NJDOE guidelines, candidates will be expected to complete the ASPIRE Pre-Professional Experience 50 Hour Component in conjunction with the ASPIRE two-year program.

Two-Year Program Component

Beginning Fall 2017 Candidates will engage in a variety of platforms and complete various assignments connected to their work in classrooms and their development as an educator. Signature elements of the program include:

  • ASPIRE Online Modules/Guided Explorations
    • 15-20 hours/per month
    • Complete learning modules with feedback provided by ALIs
  • One meeting per month
  • Engage in special topics and issues in teaching with other candidates and ALIs
  • ASPIRE Video Coaching
    • 2-3 videos/month
    • Reflect on teaching through the ASPIRE Video Coaching Cycle 
  • ASPIRE Formal Monthly Check-Ins
    • One-on-one meeting
    • Dialogue with ALI at least once a month (more if needed) 

ASPIRE to Teach at Rowan Program Support and Cost

  • Due to the ongoing program support, mentoring, and guidance from ALIs, candidates are ready to submit the state required teacher performance assessment, edTPA, at the end of their first year.
  • Candidates will be issued Rowan Banner ID numbers and Rowan email accounts.
  • Candidates will access ASPIRE online modules using Haiku.
  • Candidates will use Edthena video platform to upload and view classroom teaching videos. 

Pre-Professional Experience (50 Hour Component)


Due at time of program acceptance

Two-Year Program Component


Payment options available per year

Haiku/Edthena technology fee


Due at time of program acceptance

**This may be pro-rated based on candidate needs, background, and experience in teaching 



  • I would like to be a teacher, what are my first steps?
    • All potential candidates should contact NJDOE and complete the online application for certification prior to applying to the ASPIRE program. NJDOE will review all requirements for certification, including academic transcript evaluation. Additional information can be found at:
    • After candidates have completed the NJDOE online application and have met all NJDOE requirements, candidates may apply for the ASPIRE program. Please note that candidates must have a full time teaching position to enter the two-year component. There may be some flexibility with the pre-professional experience 50 hour component.
  • Does Aspire include job placement?
    • ASPIRE candidates are required to seek their own employment, similar to those who have completed regular preparation for licensure. Rowan COE has a job website. You may also want to check with individual districts for their job openings.
  • Do the same program guidelines apply to candidates teaching in a private school?
    • Yes, CE candidates must meet the same requirements whether teaching in public or private schools.
  • Will I need to submit and pass a Teacher Performance Evaluation (edTPA) before completion of the program?
    • Yes, the performance assessment is a program completion requirement for all CE candidates therefore, the first year of the ASPIRE program is focused on mentoring and guidance for submission in Spring 2018. According to NJDOE guidelines, all CE holders who begin teaching in the 2017-2018 school year must complete the assessment but do not need to meet a specific cut score if the assessment is taken during this school year.  In addition, the ASPIRE program will fund the edTPA submission fee of $300 for all candidates entering the ASPIRE program Fall 2017.
  • Can you tell me if I qualify to get a CE?
    • ASPIRE does not advise students on the NJDOE requirements for obtaining a CE teacher certification through alternate route nor does ASPIRE evaluate student transcripts. Please refer to the state website.  
  • Can I apply my 24 Hour Certificate to the new 50 Hour Pre-Service program requirements?
    • The Aspire program will evaluate and consider your previous pre-service experience hours to use toward the 50 Hour component.
  • How much of the program in online?
    • The Aspire program modules, assignments, videos, and check-in with instructors are done through the online Haiku and Edthena platforms (15-20 hours per month). There will be face-to-face monthly Professional Learning Community meetings (approx. 5 hours) but exceptions may be granted for synchronized attendance using Zoom or other live online format.
  • Can I enter the program if I do not have a full time teaching position?
    • You may enter the 50 Hour Pre-Service component if you have applied for your CE (PTP) and have met all state requirements. However, you must have a teaching position (teacher of record) before continuing with the Two-Year component beginning Fall 2016 
  • NOTE: Pursuant to NJDOE guidelines, candidates will be expected to complete the ASPIRE Pre-Professional Experience 50 Hour Component in conjunction with the ASPIRE two-year program.


Aspire to Teach Contact Information

For additional program information please click here. 

Questions?  Email: 

Online Application:

Please click here for to complete program application. 

ASPIRE Application:  Complete this application after you have applied to NJDOE for your Certificate of Eligibility (CE) and have met NJDOE requirements.

If you have difficulties with the online application, please click here to print and complete application form.  Once completed, scan and email to:


Program Coordinator:

Jenny Murphy