College of Education Advising Center

College of Education Advising Center

College of Education Advising Center

The mission for the College of Education Advising Center is to provide students with the necessary support and guidance as they pursue their educational goals and courses through the College of Education. It is a resource that offers program advisement for current and prospective students. The center is focused on providing accurate and timely information to assist students who are working toward a degree and/or licensure in a number of professional education careers.

Program Advisement

If you are a prospective, transfer, or current student interested in pursuing an Education Major, please call our center’s front desk at 856-256-4420 and ask to schedule an appointment with Ms. Alexandria Funkhouser to discuss your program of interest.

Center Hours

Academic Year: 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.  Monday – Friday

After hours appointments are available for candidates in their clinical practice placements, when distance from campus interferes with the regular business hours. After-hours appointments will be at a mutually determined time between the candidate and his/her advisor.

Contact Information

Center Phone number: 856-256-4420

Center Fax number: 856-256-5624

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