Opportunities for Research Participation

Opportunities for Research Participation

Opportunities for Research Participation

SMART - Sequencing for Maximizing Acquisition and Response to Treatment

Are you a parent or primary caregiver of a child 2-5 years of age diagnosed with autism or who you suspect might have autism?

We are currently recruiting for a grant-funded study examining
Treatment outcomes that compare two commonly used treatments in the field of behavior analysis.

Interventions will be delivered:

Free of charge

At Rowan University's Glassboro Campus

Children between the ages of 2-5 with a confirmed diagnosis of Autism are eligible for this project. If you and your child are eligible to participate in the current phase of this study, you will receive:

  • Treatment sessions occur on Rowan University's Glassboro campus. These sessions are free of charge.
  • 90 minute sessions will occur 3 times each week, lasting 4 months.
  • Parents and children will be asked to participate in three assessments over the time span of 4 months.
  • Parents will be compensated for time and effort completing the assessments.

Participation in the study does NOT require that you suspend or withhold any other services for your child. Sessions are offered in addition to the other services your child currently receives.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact autismprogram@rowan.edu
or call


The clinical research is funded in part by the
The New Jersey Governor's Council for Medical Research and Treatment of Autism
and the
New Jersey Department of Health

Primary Investigator/Program Director: MaryLouise E. Kerwin, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Co-investigator: Michelle Ennis Soreth, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Program Coordinator: Jacqueline Eggink, B.A.