Career Preparation

Career Preparation

Career Preparation

"Four decades ago, a liberal arts education was thought to prepare one well for any professional endeavor; the specific course work may have been irrelevant, but the education process instilled intellectual discipline and sobriety...Physics is the liberal arts education for a technological society."

— Joseph M. Pimbley, Physics Today, January 1997, p. 46

The most obvious career tracks for Physics majors include fundamental research and engineering, secondary education, technical support for research & development activities, sales representative for "high-tech" companies, technical or scientific writing, and a variety of computer application and support opportunities. However, a degree in Physics provides strong preparation for any career where analytical and computation skills are important, such as economic analysis and actuarial work.

The American Institute of Physics provides a well done site on career preparation for physics graduates.  They also have a treasure trove of statistics regarding physics majors, physics careers, and graduate education.

If you plan to pursue graduate study in physics, engineering, law, medicine or business, you might want to consider these Questions to ask about graduate programs as you start applying.

If you decide that you'd rather go right into industry, you can start your search with the Physics Today Jobs Listing or the SPS Jobs Listing.

And, as always, talk with your faculty mentor and adviser about your options and goals.