Seminar Page

Seminar Page


All Seminars are held at 2pm in Room 324 unless otherwise noted.


October 4th: Dr. Michael Wilhelm, Temple University, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Title: Measuring molecular transport kinetics across membranes in living cells with second-harmonic generation laser scattering


October 18th: Dr. Matt Pilarz, Rowan University, Chemical Education

Title: Implementation of a research-based lab module in a high school chemistry curriculum:  A study of classroom dynamics



November 8th: Rowan Student Alumni Presentations

Mr. Kevin O’Brien (currently completing Ph.D. Studies at UPenn)


Dr. Sarah Misenko (Ph.D. Rutgers, currently at GSK)



November 15th: Dr. Elizabeth Boon, Stony Brook University, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Title: Nitric Oxide Sensing and Signaling in Bacteria: Discovery of a New Mechanism for Regulating Bacterial Group Behavior