Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences at Rowan

The Biological Sciences curriculum spans all biological disciplines, emphasizing connections among and integration of different aspects of biology, across all levels of organization and the full spectrum of biodiversity. We investigate basic and applied questions in biology and value increasing our understanding of the natural world as much as how that understanding directly benefits humanity.

Our Biological Sciences degree programs give students a firm foundation for pursuing science related careers, admission to medical and other professional health programs, science teaching and more!

Concentrations include Pre-Medicine, Neuroscience, or Environmental Studies. Students who are not interested in a formal concentration can tailor their upper-level electives to focus on studies such as Botany, Molecular Genetics, Cellular & Microbiology, Ecology or Zoology.

On the other hand, students who have a need to maintain a broad background (e.g., students planning to teach high school science) are free to pick from a variety of upper-level Biology electives rather than specialize. Students are encouraged to talk to an academic advisor to determine which upper-level electives best suit their post-graduation and career plans.

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