Under the Hood

Under the Hood

Under the Hood

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Join Red Riding Hood on her adventure into the dark woods where she may or may not rescue the Big Bad Wolf. Catch a glimpse of a princess who doesn't wait around and rides off into her own sunset. Under the Hood delights and charms you with magic of clever, funny and irreverant reinventions of classic fairy tales. The show is created for families and those who are young at heart and supple in spirit. By playful and frank turns, this show opens our eyes to how powerfully classic fairy tales figure in our cultural unconscious. Under the Hood presents Rowan students who took these well-known stories and put their own twist on them.

Devised by students - with the help of Estonian/British Theatre Artist Elina Manni - Under the Hood comes out and goes back into society, our home. Changing the shape of that home in turn. 

Production Credits:

Direction Elina Manni

Assisted by Dr. Elizabeth Hostetter

Movement Paule Turner

Production Dates:

Thursday, February 22 at 8pm Buy Tickets

Friday, February 23 at 8pm Buy Tickets

Saturday, February 24 at 8pm Buy Tickets

Sunday, February 25 at 8pm Buy Tickets

All performances located in Tohill Theatre

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