Theatre Performances

Theatre Performances


Rowan Department of Theatre Presents: The Home Season

For the Department of Theatre and Dance's 2017-2018 mainstage season of "Home," we will ask questions that will lead us to a better understanding of not only our home, but our neighbor's homes. Questions include: "who are you?", "who am I?", "who is 'other'?", and "how do we interact?" Instead of judging, we seek understanding. Instead of blaming, we will listen. Instead of making quick assumptions, we will ask the hard questions. Instead of building walls, we will open up our doors and homes. We recognize that criticism and judgement are natural human responses to dealing with the world, however, this season we are going to practice radical empathy. 

When sociologist Sam Richards opened his "A Radical Experiment in Empathy" TED Talk (10/2010), he said, "Empathy. Start with empathy. Take yourself out of your shoes, put yourself into the shoes of another person." In exploring the idea of "Home," we believe empathy starts at home. We want to take audiences to the homes of other people. We believe once we have experienced life in another's home, neighborhood, or environment, that we can start to understnad and empathize with them. 

In exploring home, we will get outside of our own home and become curious about those we don't know. We will challenge our prejudices and discover commonalities. We will try another person's life. We will listen hard and open up to others. We hope to inspire social change. Most importantly, we seek to develop ambitious imaginations that lead us to better understanding the world around us.

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17|18 Mainstage Season

The Cherry Orchard

October 19 - 21 at 8pm, October 22 at 2pm 

The Cherry Orchard captures a people, a family, a community - and a world - in transition. first Produced in Moscow in 1904, The Cherry Orchard stands as one of the great plays of the modern era written by one of history's greatest playwrights, Aton Chekhov.

House of Murals

November 30 - December 2 at 8pm, December 3 at 2pm

December 8 - 9 at 8pm, December 10 at 2pm

A premier new work developed through a 7-week international artist-in-residency with Brazillian Performance Artist Christiana Matallo in collaboration with Corinne Karon and Dr. Leslie Elkins.

Under the Hood

February 22 - 24 at 8pm, February 25 at 2pm

Devised by students - with the help of Estonian/British Theatre Artist Elina Manni - Under The Hood comes out and back into society, our home. Changing that home in urn. Under the Hood presents Rowan students who took well-known fairytales annd put their own twist on them.

The Cradle Will Rock

April 5 - 7 at 8pm, April 8 at 2pm

Marc Blitzstein's 1936 is a bleak tale of corruption, lies, and deceit broken only by the fervent passion and justice of the revolting service workers in Steeltown, USA. 


17|18 Lab Theatre Season

Waiting For Godot

 October 5 - 7 at 8pm

Recessive Thirties: Culture, Class, and Composers of 1930s Musical Theatre  November 9 - 11 at 8pm
It's Happening at Home  February 8 - 10 at 8pm
This is Our Youth  April 12 - 14 at 8pm

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