The Cradle Will Rock

The Cradle Will Rock

The Cradle Will Rock

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Marc Blitzstein's 1936 is a bleak tale of corruption, lies and deceit broken only by the fervent passion and justice of the revolting service workers in Steeltown, USA. At the time of its opening, due to the incendiary nature of the play masked by "cuts to the budget" by the Federal Theatre Project, the US government (for fear of worker revolt in America) padlocked the Maxine Elliott Theatre, confiscated the script and forbid the actors to perform the show. The actors, fearful of Equity's ability to fine and bar them from future work, remained steadfast in their desire to perform the show, however, and performed from their seats as Blitzstein himself played the piano on a bare stage at the Venice Theatre in New York City. Orson Welles would then direct the first official opening of the play in 1937.

Production Credits:

Direction Dr. Christopher Roche

Choreograpghy Dr. Leslie Elkins

Production Dates:

Thursday, April 5 at 8pm Buy Tickets

Friday, April 6 at 8pm Buy Tickets

Saturday, April 7 at 8pm Buy Tickets

Sunday, April 8 at 2pm Buy Tickets

All performances located in Tohill Theatre 

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