Student Advisory Council

Student Advisory Council

Student Advisory Council

The  College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) strives to meet the ever-changing needs of its diverse student population. In spring 2013, the Student Advisory Council (SAC) was formed to ensure student input in College-level decision making and events, as well as to bring awareness of student issues to College administration. Each council member comes with recommendation from faculty as a representative of the different majors and students groups that our College serves. Should you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to relay them to any of the SAC members using the email addresses provided. 

Tom PratzThomas Pratz, Senior
Spanish and Modern Languages & Linguistics 

Tom studied abroad for a year in Salamanca, Spain and is on his way to becoming a high school Spanish teacher.

He loves the Spanish and Modern Languages & Linguistics programs because they promote cultural awareness and expand students’ ability to communiate with  Spanish speakers across the world. He hopes to help promote the importance of the humanities at Rowan University.

JessicaJessica Greene,  Junior
English Education

Jessica interns for a literary agency and hopes to work with sharing books with teens in the future.

She loves the English program because it challenges her to think abstractly about complex issues, and consider diverse perspectives. Through the Student Advisory Council, she hopes to be a bridge between the students and administrators/professors in the college.

MorganMorgan Sichel, Senior
Political Science and International Studies

Morgan is the President of the International Studies Honor Society. She enjoys how her professors are always willing to help and assist in any way they can. They are truly always there for students. 

She hopes to be one of the voices for the student body of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. She believes that students talking to other students is more applicable and a lot easier than relying solely on discussions with advisors.

NatalieNatalie Poirier, Senior
English major

Natalie interned at the Philadelphia Orchestra during the summer of 2016 in their Academy of Music Restoration Fund office, and she is currently interning with the Pennsylvania Ballet in their Special Events and Development offices.

Natalie enjoys learning about how literature, especially theatre/drama, can effectively challenge our preconceived assumptions regarding any particular social order. Her professors and fellow students have greatly helped her construct her personal ideologies regarding the world she lives in, and she hopes that being on the CHSS Student Advisory Council will enable her to productively voice this community's concerns.

Tyler JiangTyler Jiang, Junior
International Studies / History double-major

Tyler Jiang was a Research Intern at the Foreign Policy Research Institutes' Program on the Middle East in Philadelphia. He has co-authored pieces examining issues ranging from China in Djibouti to utilizing American anti-gang techniques to combat radicalism in the Middle East. Tyler is also a writer for the Sigma Iota Rho Journal of International Relations, focusing on China-United States relations across the globe. He is currently studying abroad at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China for the Spring and Summer of 2017, and is a 2016 Boren Scholar. 

Tyler believes that the International Studies program at Rowan University is perfect for preparing his future career. It offers an interdisciplinary approach to contemporary world issues and opportunities for internships and research so students, like him, can gain exposure to fields of interest. As a member of the CHSS Student Advisory Board, he hopes to bring students' voices to the forefront, and that CHSS can continue to expand and develop for future generations of students to come. 

DanielleDanielle Davis, Senior
Political Science major

In the Spring 2016, Danielle traveled abroad with her German Literature class (Masterpieces of German Literature in English Translation). It was a great experience as she was able to use the German that she learned in German class and see all of the sights that inspired the literature she was reading.

Danielle enjoys getting to learn about new ideas everyday and focusing on what she enjoys learning about in political science. She hope that she can make an impact on SAC by listening to student concerns and working with staff and faculty to find solutions.

MichaelMichael J. Colis II, Junior
Sociology major

Michael has always valued earning the respect of the professors of this great university and this year he has been very privileged to receive the title of teacher's assistant for one of his favorite professors in the Sociology department. The honor that he feels for being allowed this prestigious duty is indeed hard to put into words. However, he can say that the work he has done thus far has filled him with great confidence and joy that he shares on a regular basis with his friends, family, and fellow scholars here at Rowan University.

The aspect Michael enjoys most about studying in the field of Sociology is the concept of understanding societal problems on a macro scale and honing the skills necessary to solving them. He plans to bring his unique analytical perceptions to the Student Advisory Council to improve the lives of his fellow students in their pursuit of academia. He enjoys helping people whenever possible and hopes to positively impact this university in any way that he can.

MarcusMarcus Mitchell, Sophomore
Economics major

Marcus received the Amelia and Peter Kressler Scholarship for Economics Majors in the spring 2016 semester.

Marcus enjoys the diverse information covered through the Economics discipline, particularly because things often need to be looked at on an international scale. He hopes to make an impact on SAC by offering unique perspective and being a focused and dedicated member to help better CHSS.

Paul SchraderPaul Schrader, Senior
Political Science

After returning to college over twenty years later to attend fulltime, Paul achieved his first academic recommendation in the Spring semester of 2016 . His Philosophy professor at Rowan College of Gloucester County (RCGC) presented him with this honor. In his first Fall semester attending Rowan University in 2016 after successfully graduating from RCGC as a transfer student, he accepted the privilege and opportunity from Dean Fleming to serve as a non-traditional student on the Student Advisory Council.  To accomplish at age 50 fulltime University studies and to serve and attend  Rowan University is a life achievement.

Paul mostly enjoys his studies of political science, communications, and history, as well as the many opportunities to experience life and people. He passionately believes that every person is a story and a legend to be told from his writers perspective. From his political science and history perspective, he believes in serving humanity to enlighten academic awareness through empowerment of self worth as a collective action so we can be the change of positive influence.

KelseyKelsey Tannock, Senior
Law and Justice Studies major

Kelsey recently completed a summer internship at the Law Office of A. John Falciani.

Kelsey enjoys the diversity of the electives offered and the interaction with the professors. They have all been so interested in the career paths of their students and helping us reach out academic and career goals. They are all very open to sharing their own experiences in the field in any way that interests us.