Healers of New Jersey

Healers of New Jersey

Healers of New Jersey

Voices of the Garden State
Life Histories That Shaped New Jersey
Directed by Seran Schug, Ph.D.

Firefighter as Healer
An Ethnographic Project by Alyssa Goldberg

The healer that I interviewed is a hero who just wants to help others. He is a firefighter at the Burlington City Fire Company. His uncle began taking him to the firehouse when he was just a kid. He started learning the equipment at a young age. So when he became 16 years old, he officially joined the firehouse as a 'Junior,' meaning he was able to start getting on the fire truck and helping at on scenes. The senior firefighters would begin to teach in preparation for fire school. At the age of 17, he enrolled in fire school and 6 months later he graduated as a firefighter. He explained that the majority of his family is in the fire service or members of the emergency squad. He credits his uncle for introducing the firehouse to him. To this day, he still manages to find the time to volunteer and hangout with his buddies who are also firefighters. They have become very, very...

Tracy: The Story of an ER Nurse
An Ethnographic Project by Nikki D'ÄôOliviera

Tracy had always wanted to be a nurse. After a divorce in her thirties she decided that it was time for her to pursue that dream and become a healer. Tracy's whole life she always felt the need to help people and to make their lives easier. Becoming a nurse was something that she had always dreamed of doing, and when the opportunity arose for her to go back to college to finish what she started after high school, Tracy jumped at the chance. Many people choose to become a nurse for different reasons; Some do it because they think that they can make more money only working a few days a week while others do it to help people and comfort them in times of need. People in the nursing profession must have patience...

The Reality of Being a Healer in the Modern United States Healthcare System
An Ethnographic Project by Frank Mihalic

The Reality of being a Healer in the Modern United States Healthcare System Some people believe that the process of becoming a healer resides somewhere in your DNA. That may be in part true. However, the majority of healers find healing as their calling after encountering transformational events during their life. Once a person decides to commit to the rigorous training involved in becoming a healer, they begin a decade and a half long pursuit of knowledge needed in order to be worthy of wearing the white coat. The particular type of doctor journey that I will be describing in this story will be that of a biomedical doctor here in the United States. I chose to interview a...