Stories of Personal Empowerment

Stories of Personal Empowerment

Stories of Personal Empowerment

Voices of the Garden State
Life Histories That Shaped New Jersey
Directed by Seran Schug, Ph.D.

Who Am I?: An Ethnography of Black Students in a Predominantly White Institution

Joel Howell

I lack a sense of belonging, especially when I am the only one of my kind that I can relate to in the majority of my courses...

Rock 'n' Roll Introduction

Karly Philips

On the afternoon of Thanksgiving, I made the twenty minute drive to the home of my grandparents...

A Functioning Workaholic

Michael Lamberti

My father, Joe Lamberti, was the first born son in America, and grew up with three siblings and two parents who were all born and raised in Italy...

Exceeding the Expected
An Ethnographic Project

Michael Lamberti

I started by asking my best friend, whom I know just about everything there is to know about by now, one simple question: What was it like growing up in the environment you did, and what did you do to cope, and ultimately become the great goal driven person you are today...

Perilous Waters: Stories from a Vietnamese Refugee

Han Ly

I rubbed as much grease and dirt on me as I could to make myself ugly and undesirable, I could see the pirates' faces, Thanh Nguyen told me as she used her hand to rub the top of her head...

The Demanding Life as a Nurse

Rebecca Charboneau

From floor nurse in the emergency room, to educator for other nurses, to assistant dean of an accredited nursing school, and to now an occupational nurse at a pharmaceutical company--this is Jennifer Rocco’s path as a healer...