Major in Spanish

Major in Spanish

Major in Spanish

Spanish Major Program Guide (PDF)

Five-Year Projection of Spanish Major Course Offerings (PDF)

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Christine Larsen-Britt
Advisees enrolled in Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III and Spanish Reading and Conversation.

Esther Mas Serna
Advisees with last names A - H enrolled in Spanish Reading and Composition and beyond.

Dr. Marilyn S. Manley
Advisees with last names I - Q enrolled in Spanish Reading and Composition and beyond.

Dr. Laurie Kaplis-Hohwald
Advisees with last names R - Z enrolled in Spanish Reading and Composition and beyond.

The Spanish Major, which may be declared either in the Foreign Languages and Literatures Department in Bunce Hall, Suite 305, or with ( Christine Larsen-Britt of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Dean's Office, Bunce Hall, Suite 257, offers a flexible curriculum that makes it possible to develop an intensive study of the Spanish language, its civilization, cultures and literatures. It also provides a general background for future professional studies and advanced degrees in Spanish as well as careers in a variety of fields, such as social, administrative, and governmental work, and international business.

Within the Spanish Major, three Concentrations are available in: (1) Applied Spanish, (2) Peninsular Spanish Literature and Culture, and (3) Spanish American Literature and Culture. Each of these Concentrations seeks to provide recognition for students' completion of 12 s.h. in the respective subject area.

Literature courses in English translation cannot be counted for credit toward the major nor any course to be transferred in that did not have Spanish as the language of instruction. All incoming Spanish majors (Freshmen, Internal Transfers and Transfer Students) are required to take the "STAMP 4S" Spanish Placement Examination for initial placement, prior to registration; contact ( Esther Mas Serna, Spanish Placement Coordinator, for details. Students of Appreciation of Hispanic Literature (SPAN05.301) are required to take the STAMP 4S Placement Exam a second time for assessment and advisement purposes in the major. All courses must be passed with a letter grade of "C-" or better and no courses may be taken P/NC. Students may transfer credits into the Spanish Major, including from Study Abroad. Students planning to Study Abroad must meet with their Spanish Advisor in order to determine course equivalents.

General Education
All students must complete the University General Education requirements. Six credits of a Foreign Language other than Spanish are required. Both courses must be in the same language.

Rowan Experience
All students must complete the Rowan Experience requirements.

Major Requirements - 33 s.h.

Take all of the following courses:
SPAN05.212 Spanish Reading and Composition
SPAN05.320 Spanish Civilization and Culture
SPAN05.324 Spanish American Civilization and Culture-M/G
SPAN05.301 Appreciation of Hispanic Literature
SPAN05.411 Advanced Spanish Conversation
SPAN05.410 Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition or SPAN05.409 Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition-WI

Group A: Applied Spanish Electives* (choose one):

SPAN05.300 Spanish Phonetics
SPAN05.302 Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
SPAN05.305 Oral Spanish
SPAN05.312 Spanish for Business A
SPAN05.313 Spanish for Medical Personnel
SPAN05.314 Spanish for Business B
SPAN05.340 Introduction to Spanish Translation
SPAN05.400 History of the Spanish Language
SPAN05.440 Special Topics (Applied Spanish)

*College of Education K-12 Subject Matter Dual Degree Majors are required to take either Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics (SPAN05.302) or Introduction to Spanish Translation (SPAN05.340).

Group B: Peninsular Electives (choose one):

SPAN05.325 Readings in Contemporary Spanish Literature
SPAN05.326 Spanish Novel
SPAN05.381 Contemporary Spanish Theatre
SPAN05.440 Special Topics (Peninsular Spanish)
SPAN05.481 Generation of '98
SPAN05.482 Contemporary Spanish Novel

Group C: Spanish American Electives (choose one):

SPAN05.327 Spanish American Poetry
SPAN05.328 Spanish American Theatre
SPAN05.383 Spanish American Short Story
SPAN05.426 Spanish American Novel
SPAN05.440 Special Topics (Spanish American)

Group D: Spanish Major Electives (choose two additional courses from Group A, B or C):

Free Electives 44 s.h.

Total Credits in Program 120 s.h.