Modern Language & Linguistics

Modern Language & Linguistics

Modern Language & Linguistics

Program Guide for the Major in Modern Languages & Linguistics

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Dr. Marilyn S. Manley

Bunce Hall, rm. 312
856-256-4500 X3466

The Major in Modern Languages and Linguistics, which may be declared either in the Foreign Languages and Literatures Department in Bunce Hall, Suite 305, or with Christine Larsen-Britt ( of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Dean's Office, Bunce Hall, Suite 257, offers an innovative, flexible, interdisciplinary curriculum that combines the study of modern languages, linguistics and communication. In order to play a meaningful role in world discourse, in order to protect our national security and in order to compete with our international counterparts in every field of study imaginable, the knowledge of modern languages is now a fundamental and indispensable part of every student's education. As citizens of today's world, students will benefit greatly from the study of modern languages, thus equipping them with the ability to communicate and interact with large populations of speakers coming from different cultural and ideological backgrounds. Additionally, through the completion of a core course in linguistics or anthropological linguistics and the option of completing additional electives in linguistics and communication, students will be able to put their specific language and culture studies into a broader context.

While the Rowan University Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures regularly offers coursework in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic, all students pursuing the Modern Languages and Linguistics Major will be permitted to transfer in courses in fulfillment of program requirements; furthermore, students who have studied abroad or received credit through an Advanced Placement Examination or CLEP Exam may transfer in credits as well. Rowan University's Testing Center (, located in the Academic Success Center, Savitz Hall, Suite 304, offers the CLEP Exam in Spanish, French and German; students may earn up to a maximum of 6 s.h. in each of these languages through the CLEP Exam.

Students with previous experience in Spanish who wish to study Spanish as one of their chosen languages for the Major in Modern Languages & Linguistics will be required to take the Spanish Placement Exam (STAMP 4S of Avant Assessment) for initial course placement. Contact Esther Mas Serna ( for more information. All students interested in studying a language other than Spanish as their Advanced Language will be required to meet with the primary faculty member(s) responsible for teaching that language to determine initial course placement. Contact the Department Chair, Dr. Marilyn S. Manley (, for more information. As an exit requirement, all students will be required to take Avant Assessment's STAMP 4S or STAMP as a final measure of language proficiency in the Advanced-level language chosen for the major.

General Education
All students must complete the University General Education requirements.

Rowan Experience
All students must complete the Rowan Experience requirements.

Major Requirements 39 s.h.
The basic structure of this 39 s.h. major is as follows; all courses must be passed with a letter grade of "C-" or better and no courses may be taken P/NC:

  1.  Core Course Requirement (3 s.h.): Take either of the following 3 s.h. courses: "Introduction to Anthropological Linguistics" (ANTH 02.250/SPAN 05.250) or "Linguistics" (CMS 04.325).
  2. Advanced Language (18 s.h.): Take a minimum of 3 s.h. at the 200-level, 12 s.h. at the 300-level, and 3 s.h. at the 400-level.
  3. Intermediate Language (12 s.h.): Take a minimum of 6 s.h. at the 100-level and 6 s.h. at the 200-level
  4. Choose option A, B or C below (6 s.h.):
    1. Novice Language (6 s.h.): Take a minimum of 6 s.h. at the 100-level
    2. Linguistics/Communication Electives (6 s.h.): Take two electives from the following list:
      ANTH 02.250/SPAN 05.250 Introduction to Anthropological Linguistics (if not Core course)
      CMS 04.325 Linguistics (if not already taken as the Core course)
      SPAN 05.302 Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
      CMS 04.220 Interpersonal Communication
      CMS 04.255 Nonverbal Communication
      CMS 04.360 Intercultural Communication
      SMED 51.330 Teaching and Learning A: Foreign Languages
      CMS 04.225 Semantics
      CMS 04.226 Semantics (WI)
      BLED 40.512 Second Language Acquisition and Linguistics for Teaching Languages (with Senior Privilege)
      BLED 40.515 Language, Culture and Communication (with Senior Privilege)
      CS 07.555 Natural Language Processing (with Senior Privilege)
    3. Novice Language and Linguistics/Communication Elective (6 s.h.): Take a minimum of 3 s.h. at the 100 level in the Novice Language and one 3 s.h. Linguistics/Communication elective from the above list.

The following language courses are regularly offered by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures:

Spanish language course options (100-400 level):
SPAN 05.101 Spanish I
SPAN 05.102 Spanish II
SPAN 05.201 Spanish III
SPAN 05.211 Spanish Reading and Conversation
SPAN 05.212 Spanish Reading and Composition
SPAN 05.300 Spanish Phonetics
SPAN 05.301 Appreciation of Hispanic Literature
SPAN 05.302 Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
SPAN 05.305 Oral Spanish
SPAN 05.312 Spanish for Business
SPAN 05.313 Spanish for Medical Personnel
SPAN 05.320 Spanish Civilization and Culture
SPAN 05.321 Survey of Spanish Literature I
SPAN 05.322 Survey of Spanish Literature II
SPAN 05.323 Survey of Spanish American Literature I
SPAN 05.324 Spanish American Civilization and Culture (M/G)
SPAN 05.325 Readings in Contemporary Spanish Literature
SPAN 05.326 Spanish Novel
SPAN 05.327 Spanish American Poetry
SPAN 05.328 Spanish American Theatre
SPAN 05.329 Survey of Spanish American Literature II
SPAN 05.340 Introduction to Spanish Translation
SPAN 05.381 Contemporary Spanish Theatre
SPAN 05.383 Spanish American Short Story
SPAN 05.400 History of the Spanish Language
SPAN 05.409 Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition (WI)
SPAN 05.410 Advanced Spanish Grammar
SPAN 05.411 Advanced Spanish Conversation
SPAN 05.426 Spanish American Novel
SPAN 05.435 Spanish Individual Study
SPAN 05.440 Special Topics in Foreign Languages and Literatures
SPAN 05.540 Special Topics in Foreign Languages and Literatures
SPAN 05.481 The Generation of 1898
SPAN 05.482 Contemporary Spanish Novel
SPAN 05.499 Study Abroad

French language course options (100-400 level):
FREN 02.101 Elementary French I
FREN 02.102 Elementary French II
FREN 02.201 Intermediate French I
FREN 02.211 Intermediate French II
FREN 02.205 Oral French
FREN 02.212 French Reading and Composition
FREN 02.300 French Phonetics
FREN 02.311 Advanced French Conversation
FREN 02.315 Introduction to French Literature
FREN 02.320 French Civilization and Culture
FREN 02.324 Appreciation of French Literature
FREN 02.325 Readings in Contemporary French Literature
FREN 02.326 The French Novel
FREN 02.400 History of the French Language
FREN 02.410 Advanced French Composition
FREN 02.420 Evolution of French Civilization
FREN 02.421 The French Short Story
FREN 02.435 French Individual Study
FREN 02.440 Special Topics in Foreign Languages and Literatures
FREN 02.499 Study Abroad

German language course options (100-400 level):
GERM 03.101 Elementary German I
GERM 03.102 Elementary German II
GERM 03.201 Intermediate German I
GERM 03.211 Intermediate German II
GERM 03.212 German Reading and Composition
GERM 03.311 Advanced German Conversation
GERM 03.320 German Civilization and Culture
GERM 03.435 Independent Study in German
GERM 03.440 Special Topics in Foreign Languages and Literatures
GERM 03.499 Study Abroad

Japanese language course options (100-200 level):
JAPA 08.101 Elementary Japanese I
JAPA 08.102 Elementary Japanese II
JAPA 08.201 Intermediate Japanese I
JAPA 08.211 Intermediate Japanese II
JAPA 08.212 Intermediate Japanese III

Italian language course options (100-200 level):
ITAL 04.101 Elementary Italian I
ITAL 04.102 Elementary Italian II
ITAL 04.201 Intermediate Italian I
ITAL 04.211 Intermediate Italian II

Chinese language course options (100-200 level):
CHIN 07.101 Elementary Chinese I
CHIN 07.102 Elementary Chinese II
CHIN 07.201 Intermediate Chinese I
CHIN 07.211 Intermediate Chinese II

Arabic language course options (100 level):
ARAB 12.101 Elementary Arabic I
ARAB 12.102 Elementary Arabic II
ARAB 12.201 Intermediate Arabic I
ARAB 12.211 Intermediate Arabic II

Free Electives minimum 32 s.h.

Total Credits in Program: 120 s.h.