Stephen Fleming, Assistant Dean

Stephen Fleming, Assistant Dean

Stephen Fleming, Assistant Dean

Stephen Fleming 
Bunce Hall, Suite 218

Mr. Fleming’s CV


Mr. Stephen Fleming has extensive experience working with students at the college level. A graduate of Rowan University, Stephen began his paraprofessional career working with students in the residence halls as a Resident Assistant for four years. Upon completing two Bachelors degrees in Mathematics and Elementary Education, Stephen immediately continued to pursue his passion for supporting and engaging students.

Through his Masters program in Counseling in Educational Settings at Rowan, Stephen gained experience in career counseling and academic advising. Concurrently, he supervised student staff, managed crisis and mediated conflict as a Resident Director. Stephen also led the Chi Sigma Iota Counseling Honor Society as President, an organization that would later award him the Zeta Pi Chapter Alumni Award in 2016.

As a new professional, Stephen joined the Office of Residence Life & Housing at the University of Delaware as a Residence Hall Coordinator. Known for its work in residence hall curriculum design, assessment, and sustainability, the office fostered Stephen’s interests in student mentorship and assessment. Stephen led the development of a mentoring program, Mentoring and Exploration in Student Affairs (MESA) for undergraduate students interested in Student Affairs. The program has since expanded to a Student Life initiative. Stephen’s passion is also evident in his most recent publication, Transforming a Wish into Reality: A Call to Action for Cultivating Professional Relationships. Stephen also served on several committees including the department’s assessment committee, on which he compiled three years of assessment data on student leadership into a comprehensive report. Through his time at UD, he was also engaged in instructing a Resident Assistant class, student conduct classes, and LGBT awareness workshops.

Stephen returned to Rowan as a Residential Learning Coordinator after a short time away. Through his time with the Residential Learning and University Housing office, Stephen applied his teachings from the University of Delaware by implementing a curriculum to engage graduate Resident Directors in their personal and professional development. Stephen also administrated a campus-wide assessment of student learning within the residence halls.

Stephen is an active member of the American College Personal Association (ACPA). He has served on the directorate of the Coalition for Graduate Students and New Professionals for three years while leading several initiatives within the Coalition. Stephen is also an active member of the Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences (CCAS), recently joining the Committee for Assistant and Associate Deans.

Stephen joins the Dean’s office with the unique experience of guiding students on a personal level and understanding them as holistic individuals who present many different identities within the college setting. Stephen has built several partnerships at Rowan to the end of student support and success. As the Dean’s office student liaison, Stephen draws on his background in Student Affairs to inform his practice and approach to working with students in CHSS.