2017 Winners, Student Scholarships & Awards

2017 Winners, Student Scholarships & Awards

2017 Student Showcase Banner

Congratulations to the 2017 winners of CCCA Scholarships & Awards!

Join us for the Award Ceremony, included in the annual Student Awards and Showcase event. We are celebrating the students who, through determination and hard work, have won Medallions of Excellence and Scholarship Awards

This event is free to all CCCA faculty, students, and guest. Winners are listed below. Thank you to all the donors who made this event possible!

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Medallions of Excellence


Harvey and Harriet Alpert Creative Achievement in Fine Arts: Megan K. Fleischer

Parthenia J. Vandermark Creative Arts Award: Iris H. Richardson

Rodney E. Gates Award for Excellence in Art Education: Karen Donnelly

Communication Studies

Excellence in Communication Studies Award: Sarah Kalvaitis


Claudia Cuddy Award for Excellence in Editing and Publishing: Kelley A. Davis

Jack Gillespie Award for Excellence in Journalism: Kyle Sullender

Public Relations & Advertising

Donald Bagin Graduate Public Relations Award: Nicole Hurban, Alyssa Wildrick

Anthony J. Fulginiti Award for Excellence in Public Relations: Katarina DeFelice, Thomas Logue

Litwin Family Medallion for Excellence in Strategic Public Relations Writing: Brittany Eifert

Anne Sceia Klein Professional Advisor Medallion for Outstanding Professionalism: Emily Provencher, Angela Zirino

Hal Vogel Award for Excellence in Advertising: Amanda Dean

Radio, Televison & Film

Bierman Family Award for Excellence in Media Production: Elena Ordille

Donovan Family Award for Excellence in Radio, TV and Film: Eric Iaquinto

Wanda Kaleta Award for Excellence in Cinema & Media Studies: Jade McDonnough

Writing Arts

Toni Libro Outstanding Master of Arts in Writing Student: Mike Fotos

Excellence in Writing Arts Award: Sarah Knapp

Interdisciplinary Programs: New Media Minor

Excellence in New Media Award: Dakota Burr


Scholarship Awards


G&Q Art Scholarship: Jennifer McCabe

N. Jeanne Hartman Memorial Scholarship: Brianna Jarzyna

Ottiano Friends of the Arts Scholarship: Ethan Howe

Seward Johnson Artist Development Travel Scholarship: Lauren Burke

Sherman & Ann Ward Scholarship for Sculpture: Xin Liu


Thomas Stathakes Scholarship: Cody Decker

Public Relations & Advertising

Bagin Educational Graduate Award: Kaitlyn Adams, William McCool

Bagin Educational Foundation Memorial Graduate Scholarship: Alyssa Wildrick

Laura Bishop Communication Scholarship: Andrew Bove

PR for Good: Bethany DeBlock

Colette Bleistine 'Paying it Forward' Scholarship: Katelyn Dunitz

Colette Bleistine Memorial Scholarship: Brenna Jones

Pollock Family Scholarship: Colleen Scott

Craig Monroe Scholarship: Erica Silver

Radio, Television and Film

Ned Eckhardt Television Production Scholarship: Peter Chamalian

Salva Family RTF Scholarship: Damara Peraino

Thomas Stathakes Scholarship: Thomas DiNapoli

WGLS-FM Radio Station

Cindy Nannay Scholarship: Erica Pisano

Friedman Family WGLS-FM Scholarship: Michael Delayo

Salva Family WGLS Scholarship: Matteo Iadonisi

Writing Arts

 Myra Schiffman - Bunya Sandler Memorial Graduate Scholarship: Mike Fotos