Faculty & Staff Listing

Faculty & Staff Listing

Faculty & Staff

The College of Communication & Creative Arts faculty is composed of highly dedicated and talented individuals. Many still practice their craft and serve as consultants to industry. In addition, regional professionals from TV, radio, newspapers and business complement the full time staff sharing their expertise from the field with our students.

CCCA Dean's Office

Sanford Tweedie, Dean, 856-256-4290

Larry Butler, Associate Dean, 856-256-4009

Gina DiBartolo, Coordinator of Communications & Outreach, 856-256-4331

Janeen Butcher, Administrative Assistant to the Dean, 856-256-4340

Jo-Ann Rand, Secretary to the Assistant Dean, 856-256-4773

Department Contacts


Skeffington Thomas, Chair, 856-256-4522

Lisa Toman, Secretary, 856-256-4010

David Vaccaro, Professional Advisor, 856-256-4091

Communication Studies

John Feaster, Chair, 856-256-3155

Lynn Barbato, Secretary, 856-256-4348

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Mark Berkey-Gerard, Chair, 856-256-5478

Evelyn Rivera, Secretary, 856-256-4049

Public Relations & Advertising

Suzanne FitzGerald, Chair, 856-256-4265

Nancy Dunn, Secretary, 856-256-4312

Lori Block, Professional Advisor, 856-256-5713

Radio, TV & Film

Keith Brand, Chair, 856-256-4006

Tami Cortes, Secretary, 856-256-4641

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Writing Arts

Jennifer Courtney, Interim Chair, 856-256-5223

Dawn Schulde, Secretary, 856-256-4345

Stephanie Heiser, Secretary, 856-256-4096

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Professional Staff

Carl Frandino, Video Systems Engineer

Gina Gondos, Professional Advisor

Alicia Groatman, Professional Advisor

James Greenwell, Studio Technician

Esther Mummert, Professional Advisor

Sean O'Leary, Motion Picture Production Coordinator

Rowan Art Gallery

Mary Salvante, Gallery Director, 856-256-4521

Jillian Schley, Gallery Assistant, 856-256-4520

WGLS-FM Radio Station

Derek Jones, Station Manager, 856-256-4317

Leo Kirschner, Assistant Station Manager, 856-256-4311

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