Faculty Research & Creative Activity

Faculty Research & Creative Activity

Faculty Research, Creative, and Professional Work

Academic Year 2016-17

  • Grants
  • Awards and honors
  • Research, creative, and professional work

Academic Year 2015-16

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Academic Year 2016-17



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Academic Year 2015-16

2015-16 Grants

  • The Rowan University Art Gallery –  $10,000, National Endowment for the Arts, December 2015. This grant funded the exhibition Elegy for Tesla, a collaboration between artist Jeanne Jaffe and the College of Engineering. Exhibition presented in Gallery West in September 2015 – January 2016.
  • The RUAG also received the third year of their $18,000, 3-year grant from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts.
  • Almon, Amanda (Art) –  Project Title: Clinical Trail of Decision Support for End of Life Care Among Surrogate Decision Makers of the Chronically Critically Ill, Interactive association/simulation. Sponsor: Case Western Reserve University. Cumulative Estimated Award amount (for Rowan only): $13,018.00
  • Graziano, Jane (Art) – The Beginning Teacher Project: Building Capacity & Professional Learning: A Partnership between Rowan University College of Education, The Bridgeton Public Schools, Rowan University College of Communication and Creative Arts. Role: CCCA Coordinator. Award amount: $200,000. Completed: Year 1 of 3.
  • Olshefski, Jonathan (RTF) – $100,000 from the highly competitive MacArthur Foundation Documentary Film Grant Program for post-production work on Quest.
  • Wang, Tingting (Art) – NAEA Research Grant Fund, awarded by the Board of Trustees of the National Art Education Foundation. Award amount: $8,000.
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2015-16 Awards and Honors:

  • Joy M. Cypher was named ECA Teaching Fellow at the annual convention of the Eastern Communication Association, held in Baltimore, MD this spring.
  • Maria Hidalgo, an undergraduate in Communication Studies, received a place in a Fulbright Summer Institute at the University of Bristol, England this summer.
  • The Whit won four New Jersey Collegiate Press Awards:
    • Ethan Stoetzer, First place Editorial Writing, Eight years later, we must remember; We can’t just go forward
    • Caitlin Ware & Gina Scamuffa, Second place Layout and Design, Color Me Rowan Weekend; Homecoming
    • The Whit Staff, Second place Overall Website
    • Taylor Henry, Third place Biography/ Personality Piece, Keith Johnson: Edelman Planetarium director retires
  • Asi Nia-Schoenstein (Public Relations & Advertising), Jennifer Courtney (Writing Arts), Nancy Ohanian (Art), Daniel Strasser (Communication Studies), and Phil Anastasia (Journalism) were included in the 2016 Rowan University Wall of Fame Awards for Excellence in Teaching.
  • Derek Jones (WGLS-FM), Ned Eckhardt (Radio, TV & Film), and Ron Block (Writing Arts), were included in the 2016 Rowan University Wall of Fame Awards for Excellence in Advising.
  • Jane Graziano received a New Jersey Governor’s Award for the National Art Education Association New Jersey State Art Educator of the Year for higher ed. and a Commendation from the State of New Jersey Senate and State Assembly for distinction in the field of Visual Arts Education.
  • Mark VanZeven Bergen, Bianca Beck, Matthew Torres and Joseph Savin, undergraduate students, won 4th place at the Broadcast Education Association Festival of Media Arts for their work “After Tragedy.”
  • Chet Green and Nick DeFeo, undergraduate students, were awarded an Honorable Mention for their work “WGLS FM: 50 Years and Counting” at the Broadcast Education Association Festival of Media Arts.
  • WGLS-FM Assistant Station Manager Leo Kirschner and Philadelphia radio veteran Angela Mason produced “50 Years and Counting: The Oral History of WGLS-FM.” The four-part, 2-hour documentary series was recognized by The Communicator Awards and Hermes Awards for achievement in audio production and programming.
  • WGLS-FM radio documentary “Guns: Calibrate Your Thinking,” produced by Sam Arcaini, Alyssa Compa, and Bob Duncan, earned radio programming awards from The Communicator Awards and Hermes Awards.
  • WGLS-FM’s Laurie Senior produced “8-Bit to HD: The Evolution of Video Games and Their Effects on Society.” The radio documentary won first place in the Garden State Journalists Association awards competition for Best Radio Feature and earned a Gold Award from the Hermes Awards.
  • The Rowan University Art Gallery received a Citation of Excellence Award from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts for the 3rd consecutive year.


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2015-16 Research, Creative, and Professional Work

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Conradi, Jan. A’jureka Art Residency in Cefalù, Sicily. October 28 - December 2, 2015

Conradi, Jan. Gallery exhibition: 360° Esposizione D’Arte. Corte Delle Stelle, Cefalù, Nov. 2015

Conradi, Jan. New identity system and product labels/packaging for Azienda Agricola Agrimell. Controne, Italy.

Conradi, Jan. Presentation based on Vignelli book and student work critiques: AIGA Colorado, Denver, CO, September 2015; AIGA Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, September 2015; Design in Italy: Iowa State University, Rome, Italy, December 2015; Iowa State University College of Design, Ames, IA, September 2015; L’Accademia di Belle Arti di Catania, Sicily, December 2015.

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Gower, Jill. Earrings 3, Invitational. Velvet da Vinci, San Francisco, CA. March 2016.

Gower, Jill. Earrings Galore. Heidi Lowe Gallery, Rehoboth, DE, and at Zoom, Milwaukee, WI. May 2016.

Gower, Jill. Little Dreams in Glass and Metal - Selections from the Enamel Arts Foundation, Invitational. Craft and Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles, CA. January-May 2016.

Gower, Jill. New Jersey State Council on the Arts Fellowship Exhibition Invitational. Rechnitz Hall's DiMattio Gallery, Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ. January-March 2016.

Gower, Jill. Over the Top/2016 Master Artists Workshop Presenters, Invitational. Clemens Fine Arts Center Gallery, Paducah School of Art and Design, Paducah, KY. January-February 2016.

Gower, Jill. Refined IX: Humor. Reavley Gallery of The Cole Art Center, Nacogdoches, TX. January-March 2016. Honorable Mention for Fleshgem #3.

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Updated April 10, 2017.