Learning Community

Learning Community

Learning Community

Don't just major in Radio, Television and Film. Join the community and get started on your future.

Rowan University, the College of Communication and Creative Arts, and the Department of Radio, Television and Film invite you to apply for an exciting new learning community specifically designed for Radio, Television and Film Production majors.

What is the Learning Community?

Our department is looking for students who have a passion for creating media. If you are accepted into the RTF Learning Community, you will be given priority access to required production courses in your freshman year. In each year of your four-year program, additional required production courses will automatically be scheduled for you. Students in the Learning Community will take all the required courses as a cohort, working closely with some of the most talented students in the department. You will be guaranteed to receive the production courses in a timely manner.

You will be immersed in all aspects of media production that the department has to offer. Additionally, the Learning Community will give you the opportunity to meet other Learning Community members and make friends before classes begin. Learning Community members residing on campus will be housed together in the same dorm. While living on campus is encouraged, commuters are welcome to apply to all learning community activities. In many ways, the program allows for increased student socialization and interaction with other students, faculty, and staff, thereby helping freshmen to adjust socially and academically.

How do I apply?

Students accepted into Rowan University's Radio, Television and Film program can apply for acceptance into the learning community by filling out a simple application and providing a 500- word essay explaining their influences, goals, and reason for majoring in Radio Television and Film at Rowan.

What do I do to get started?

The RTF Learning Community is one of the unique features of our program, and we invite students interested in the program to visit our campus during one of the many open houses scheduled throughout the year. Dates of upcoming open house events can be found by visiting the Rowan University website at http://www.rowan.edu/home/undergraduate-admissions/tours-open-houses.

Students interested specifically in the RTF Learning Community are asked to contact the Learning Community Coordinator Dr. Joseph Bierman at bierman@rowan.edu. We are actively looking for our next class of Learning Community Freshmen, and we invite you to come to campus and check out our program.

For more information about this program, please contact:

Dr. Joseph Bierman
Learning Community Coordinator