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Welcome to Rowan University’s Department of Art. We are a community of artists, designers and educators which includes 38 faculty and staff who train the next generation of professionals that contribute to the creative economy. Whether in pursuit of a professional degree, certification to teach or wanting an artistic experience to complement your studies, the department has something to offer for everyone.

Department of Art Mission Statement

Through rigorous degree programs in studio arts and art education, the Department of Art nurtures creative expression within a liberal arts and professional context, fostering the important humanistic role played by the visual arts in today's society. The Department of Art also prepares majors for creative problem solving with a technological foundation that is relevant for the twenty-first century. Moreover, courses in art history, art appreciation and non-major studios provide visual art experiences that stimulate and enhance the aesthetic, creative, and cultural literacy of the entire college community. (Adopted 2009)

The Department of Art encourages all students, majors and non-majors to engage in the regional arts community of galleries and museums. Whether visiting the Rowan University Galleries (Rowan University Art Gallery), taking a field trip to Washington, D.C, New York or Philadelphia, or attending a professional conference, Rowan students are introduced to all of the opportunities that pursuing a degree in the arts enables.

In preparation for applying for a first job after graduation, or to a graduate program, students with the Bachelor of Art or Bachelor of Fine Arts degree are prepared with a portfolio and the professional skills to succeed in a competitive world.

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The Department of Art offers a range of courses in the Bachelor of Art and Bachelor of Fine Art programs. The studio offerings include hands-on introductory, intermediate and advanced levels. The lecture offerings in art history, art appreciation, history of graphic design and history of photography are designed for majors and for students satisfying the creative experience requirement.

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