College of Communication & Creative Arts

College of Communication & Creative Arts

Welcome to the College of Communication & Creative Arts,
where faculty and students create, communicate, and connect!

The College of Communication & Creative Arts is comprised of six departments: art; communication studies; journalism; public relations/advertising; radio, television & film; and writing arts. This unique grouping allows students to choose from among nine majors, eight minors, two master’s degrees, and a variety of certificates. Students often customize their educational experience by combining majors, minors, and certificates while pursuing their degree.

All of CCCA’s programs provide students the opportunity—both inside and outside the classroom—to engage in active, experiential learning grounded in theory. Reflecting the name of the college, our students focus on creative problem solving by studying and applying the processes and concepts behind all types of communication and art, enacting best practices within these multiple realms.

CCCA is also home to numerous media outlets, publications and student organizations, which allow students to further implement what they have experienced in the classroom.

Our alumni are successful in numerous fields. Former students produce and otherwise help to create movies, radio programming, and television; they run prestigious public relations and advertising firms; they have published books, chapters, and other works; they have become scholars and leaders at other universities throughout the country, and they are committed, creative teachers throughout southern New Jersey and beyond.

CCCA faculty and staff bring a wealth of experience, education and knowledge to their endeavors. Among them are best-selling authors, renowned scholars, and award-winning filmmakers and reviewers; a National Endowment for the Arts winner, a Pulitzer Prize finalist, and a Fulbright recipient. Our faculty have won numerous teaching awards and are, above all, committed to their students.

Feel free to browse the website to learn more about our endeavors and accomplishments.

- Interim Dean Sanford Tweedie, Ph.D.

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College of Communication & Creative Arts – Mission Statement
The College of Communication & Creative Arts at Rowan University is dedicated to excellence in undergraduate and graduate education, providing our students with an understanding of communication and creative arts theory and practical application that empowers them in their future career, civic, and personal endeavors. The College is committed to developing and implementing rigorous and stimulating curricula, creating opportunities for student engagement, guiding creative and artistic development, and enhancing students’ critical thinking abilities. While educating students in the fields of communication and the creative arts, our faculty and staff also shape student awareness of the requirements of responsible citizenship, encourage examination of the ethical dimensions of communication and creativity, and contribute to the larger scholarly and professional communities.