Business Administration

The Minor in Business is a program of study serving two groups of students in non-business majors. The first group are those who wish to reinforce their employment credentials by taking several business courses. The second group of students are those who plan to do graduate work in Business.


Students from all colleges of Rowan University will have an opportunity to learn entrepreneurial knowledge and skills by enrolling and completing entrepreneurship courses. The ENT minor will establish the student's educational accomplishments when they graduate with the ENT minor along with their chosen academic major.

Human Resources

The goal of the minor program is to provide non-Business majors with the opportunity to qualify for entry-level human resource management positions. The objective of the program is to understand the legal and regulatory environment of human resource management, to develop the capability of using state-of-the-art hiring and recruiting techniques, and to learn how to harmonize an organization's compensation systems with its strategic goals.

Management Information Systems

The goal of the minor program is to give students a strong understanding of information systems in business without requiring them to learn how to program and actually develop the systems.


The program is based on the required marketing coursework of the major in marketing with the addition of a different capstone experience, The Marketing Plan (MKT09.390), which would focus on the components of market planning rather than the integration of a broader wealth of information and training as is currently required in the capstone course required of marketing majors.