Declaring a Concentration

Completing a specialized MBA degree may provide a competitive advantage in the job market for students who have a clear preference for a specific business discipline. It communicates to prospective employers that the graduate has an interest in and has completed advanced course work in a specific area of business. Applicants to the Rohrer College of Business MBA Program will be able to specify their intended concentration on the admissions application.  A student must complete three elective courses in their area of concentration.  Contact the MBA Director at if you are interested in learning more about this opportunity. 

MBA Graduate Degree Program and Specializations Code Global Learning & Partnerships Admissions
MBA Degree General G501 MBA General
MBA with Accounting Concentration P500 Concentration: Accounting
MBA with Finance Concentration P504 Concentration: Finance
MBA with Management Concentration P522 Concentration: Management
MBA with Management Information Systems (MIS) Concentration P521 Concentration: MIS
MBA with Supply Chain and Logistical Systems P523 Concentration: Supply Chain & Logistical Systems

Updating a Concentration

For students who enter the college under the general MBA program, or who want to change their concentration after entering, the following steps must be taken to declare or change a concentration in the MBA Program:

  • Email the Rohrer College of Business MBA Program, at to ask for a Change of Graduate Program form.
  • Complete and return the form.
  • Wait to receive a letter from Rowan Global informing you that your request to transfer to the concentration has been approved, and complete and mail back the enclosed Matriculation Form within 30 days.
  • Check the Banner system to make sure that your new major code is reflected in your student account. The table above lists the Major/Curriculum Codes for each COB graduate degree program. Use these codes to indicate your requested new major on the Matriculation Form in the box that says “Curr. Code.”