Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs

Certificates of Graduate Study

Certificate of Graduate Study Program

The Rohrer College of Business MBA program offers a variety of of courses for students who are ultimately interested in the MBA program or for MBA graduates looking to broaden their knowledge base. The Certificate of Graduate study is an opportunity to gain MBA course exposure before applying to the program and completing the GMAT. Students who achieve a 3.8 GPA in a Certificate of Graduate Study may waive the GMAT requirement when transferring to the MBA. If accepted into the Rohrer College of Business MBA Program, all COGS credits will count toward the completion of the MBA degree. 

Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study Program

The different but aptly named Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study is specifically tailored for MBA graduates eager to hone their skills and business acumen, all the while expanding networks and deepening leadership capabilities. Completing a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study will afford Rowan MBA alumni as well as MBA graduates of other AACSB accredited programs the opportunity to complete an area of specialization or complete a new specialization. The Post MBA CAGS provide MBA graduates an opportunity to prepare themselves for opportunities in a rapidly changing workplace by enrolling in specializations related to their current or expected career paths.