Supervised Internships for Students

The Supervised Internship Program is offered to advanced students in the Rohrer College of Business. Our program is designed to provide students the opportunity for a meaningful career-related experience in a variety of organizational settings. It is expected that students will practice and expand upon their knowledge and skills learned in the classroom in a substantive work situation.

This experience should provide a better understanding of business, as well as not-for profit organizations, facilitating the transition from the classroom to the career environment.

Within the College of Business, each of the departments offers a course designed to coordinate Internships in its respective areas of specialization.

Prospective Employer Opportunities

To provide faster service please register with Profs Jobs for all your staffing needs. Membership allows employers to: Post full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities, search our student/alumni resume bank, register for on-campus recruiting, and register for on-campus career fairs.