Program Learning Goals

Program Learning Goals

Assurance of Learning Goals

Table L: Assessment of Undergraduate Program Learning Goals

Learning Goals

Student Learning Outcomes

Where/When Assessed

2015/2016 Results

Apply concepts of ethical reasoning to business situations.

Students will develop an ethical framework with which they can evaluate the morality of business actions.

Legal Env / Fall


Princ of Acct I / Fall 74%

Students will employ ethical reasoning to assess the morality of business conduct.

Legal Env / Fall


Students will understand the relationship between ethics and diversity management. 

Org Behavior / Fall


Understand, analyze, and interpret quantitative data to make business decisions.

Students will synthesize and evaluate information to offer solutions that support decision making.

Princ of Finance / Fall


Princ of Acct II / Spring 65%

Students will assess business decisions and their impact on the business organization.

Princ of Finance / Fall


Students will understand and apply decision making tools to solve business problems

Princ of Finance / Fall


Operations Mgt / Fall 70%

Demonstrate effective communication skills.

Students will demonstrate their ability to organize and communicate ideas clearly and professionally.

Org Behavior / Spring


Students will make effective presentations accompanied by the appropriate technology

 Business Policy / Spring


Demonstrate knowledge of the global business environment

Students will identify and contrast key attributes of different countries’ business environments.

Princ of Marketing / Spring


Students will recognize the advantages and disadvantages of the various modes of entry into foreign markets.

Princ of Marketing / Spring


Students will relate and explain the major factors that organizations must consider in developing strategies for operating in foreign countries.

Princ of Marketing / Spring


Understand how information technology is used to support essential business processes

Students will understand the important role of enterprise applications in supporting key business processes.

MIS / Fall


Students will be competent in using technology for purposes of business reporting.

MIS / Fall


Table M: Assessment of Graduate Program Learning Goals

Learning Goals Student Learning Outcomes Where/When Assessed 2015/2016 Results

Demonstrate the ability to frame problems and develop solutions

Demonstrate the ability to apply strategic concepts

Managing Org Strategy / Spring


Demonstrate an understanding of national differences in cultural, political, legal and other social structures and their implications for conducting business internationally

Int’l Business & Society / Fall


Develop an ethical framework with which they can assess the morality of business decisions

Prof, Legal, & Managerial Resp / Spring


Apply social responsibility theory in resolving organizational and global dilemmas

Prof, Legal, & Managerial Resp / Spring


Demonstrate the ability to work effectively and communicate with others in team environments

Be able to apply course concepts to improve effectiveness of teamwork and interpersonal interactions



Demonstrate an understanding of business operations by integrating knowledge from different functional areas

Demonstrate core skills in functional areas of business and the ability to integrate across business disciplines

Managerial Accounting / Fall


Marketing Mgt / Spring 93%

Demonstrate an understanding of the impact information technology and quantitative methods have on business practices

Demonstrate an understanding of the role of information technology in supporting decision making and process improvements

Issues in MIS / Fall


Demonstrate the ability to apply analytical and quantitative tools for effective managerial decision making

Financial Decision Making / Fall

Managerial Accounting / Fall 86%
Managerial Decision Making Tools / Spring